Saturday, July 28, 2007

What I'm Thinking About

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- Just got a copy of Knitting Nature from the library and am enjoying this book so much. Even the designs that I wouldn't knit for myself are interesting. I love Norah Gaughan's expositions for each project. Thinking about modifying the Turbulance U-Neck to be more fitted, maybe less wide-necked. And re-fitting the Ogee Tunic, too. (Where can I get that necklace?) I love the details on both pieces; the shapes are wrong for me. Remembering that Yai-Ann has already knit several pieces from this book, and they happen to be amazing.

- Getting close to a finished Wren. The whole cardi is seamed up, just about halfway done with the collar (I picked up and knit, like Lolly, rather than knit the collar separately). Wondering how I'm going to secure the ends of this thing. I've never used such a slippery yarn before. I'm usually a big fan of the spit splice with the wooly fibers, but this yarn does NOT fit in that category. Hm. Thinking about getting some sewing thread and stitching the ends down, or ????

- Really wanting to go back to my Rusted Root, especially after seeing Tiennie's (you know this fits her perfectly) and Parikha's (Oh my. Parikha should be a model, no?). Wren is borrowing my US6 needle at the moment, so as soon as I finish that collar, it's back to the RR.

- Needing to finish childproofing the house. Peanut is definitely mobile now and is very curious. Becoming strong willed. Wonder where she gets that?

- Wondering how to end the nursing for good. We're down to twice a day; morning and night. Only now, she thinks it's absolutely hilarious to *pinch* me and laugh. Ouch. Not fun anymore. Any tips from the mamas out there?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wanna Know Where My Stitches At?

Who needs their Ravelry project page when they can have their end of the couch? Yes, my end of the couch is next to the wall where I keep allll the ongoing projects. Even though I check in to Ravelry quite regularly, I still have my own "system". I'm laughing. Click for notes:


Remember that plan I had to finish an old, languishing project after each new project I finished? Yeah. That wouldn't be true to my creative process, or something. As soon as I get to the finishing part of a project, I lose interest. Which is really surprising since I grew up sewing, so it's not like I'm uncomfortable with seaming or anything. So I cast on a couple of new projects since my last post about knitting.

babyacardiBaby A Cardi from Yarnplay is being knit up with Kraemer Tatamy Tweed, a yarn that has been recommended a couple of times by Diana. It's a machine washable cotton/acrylic blend that feels lovely, soft and drapey on the needles, and comes in cheap 100g skeins. The construction is similar to other projects in Yarnplay; the bottom band is knit horizontally, stitches are picked up on the "side" and then the top is knit vertically. It's a gift for a coworker whose little boy is due later this month.


One of my girlfriends needed to borrow the needle I was using for the baby set, oh darn, I got to cast on Rusted Root in the meantime! I decided to drop the front neckline by about 4" and knit the size medium. I'm planning lots of other mods, so I figure I can try 'er on as I go. This is actually my first top down project and I'm really enjoying it. I keep thinking about the "no finishing" aspect and I'm psyched. (I did actually start a Not So Shrunken Cardi a couple of years ago but had a rough start with the size -- way too big -- and never did pick it back up again.)


Also? Guess who turned one a couple of weeks ago?

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Monday, July 02, 2007

I Like To Watch Listen, Part 3

Thanks for all of your comments about podcasts. Here are a few more notes and reviews for those who are interested...


I'm quite sure the first podcast I ever listened to was Knitcast with Marie Irshad. I loved her accent, her obvious confidence with a microphone (she has radio journalism experience galore), and the interesting guests she brought to the show. Since it was my first podcast, I didn't fret much over sound quality issues, etc., and just enjoyed the free entertainment. I listened to every one of her podcasts -- she began in February 2005; I must've found her not long after that -- and was loathe to delete them from my iTunes. Marie hasn't published a new podcast for some time, now, but about a month ago she posted a brief blurb promising to come back soon.

Cast On

At some point I found Cast On with Brenda Dayne. I was in love. The tone of her voice, the content, and the technical quality of her podcast, made this the show for me. I have listened to all 50 broadcasts... looks like there is a 51st now. Episode 50, Scouting for Grownups, is the beginning of a new series and made me laugh out loud as I was power-walking through my neighborhood, alone. (Look, mom, that crazy lady is walking by our house again. Why is she laughing and crying?) The story called Lanyard just touched every sort of nerve/emotion I have about being a daughter and being a mother. I loved the part about how making a simple, crappy lanyard at summer camp could possibly be enough of a gift for the woman who gave birth to you, fed you, took care of you when you were sick... and how I can't wait to get simple, crappy lanyards from my own little girl someday. Anyway, once in a while Brenda's metapodcasting gets a little moldy for me, but I keep listening because I adore the Today's Sweater segment, the contributers' stories, the humor that's fun but not over the top, and all the other little features. It's usually right around an hour long, just right for an evening walk around my neighborhood.

It's a Purl, Man

I did download an episode of It's a Purl, Man (my brain always reads: Itzhak Perlman) a while back and kind of forgot to listen to it. So thanks for reminding me! I listened to the State of the Knit Blog episode, which featured Subway Knitter Colleen. Guido has a lovely, calm voice and seems like he would be the nicest, easiest to talk to person. I love that he's a man who knits and blogs and podcasts. Having Colleen there was a bonus for me; I've been a Subway Knitter reader for ages. In this episode they mention some of their must-read blogs as well as have a conversation about the blogger persona vs. the real person, and how we maintain a certain degree of privacy in our lives as bloggers. I will be listening to more episodes of this podcast!

So, for the record, my current podcast subscriptions are:
Stash and Burn
Cast On
Knitcast (if/when a new episode emerges!)
It's a Purl, Man

You've mentioned some others that I might try this summer, such as Sticks & String, Pointy Sticks, Pixie Purls, and Knitpicks Reading Room.