Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Conwy Socks

Yay! I finished my first pair of grown-up-sized socks!

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Conwy from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Georgetown
Two Addi Turbos, size US1

Pattern Modifications: I have this fear that I'll run out of yarn if I knit top down socks, so I shortened the leg a bit. (Completely unnecessary. I have plenty of yarn left over! I'm going to make some of those cute "Better Than Baby Booties" from Interweave Knits with the leftovers.) I also omitted the decreases and kept the socks at 72 stitches throughout. I did that because I thought I had wide feet, but I really could have lived with slightly skinnier socks. They turned out a bit roomy.

What did I learn? Well.... I learned that knitting on two Addi Turbos is much, much easier for me than using birch dpns. Someday I'd like to try two socks on two circs. That would be fun. I learned that heel flaps are kind of annoying to knit, but I hope that is just because these were my first adult sized socks. I'm already scheming my next pair(s).

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The yarn. I liked working with LL but I'm not as crazy about the colorway as I thought I would be when I picked it out this summer. I was probably wearing an aqua t-shirt the day I bought this yarn. Outside of summer, I'm not so much into pastelly colors. Ah, well, the coziness and warmth of the socks will override the color for me! I noticed that these socks are already starting to pill, and I've only worn them one evening (and to sleep in last night). I wonder if that's just from wearing them to sleep in flannel sheets?

Why didn't you guys tell me that handknit wooly socks are so much slipperier on hardwood floors than any other kind of sock? Ow. My knee doesn't appreciate that factor.