Saturday, March 17, 2007

Koigu Love

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Perfect example of me being stubborn and insisting on figuring it out all on my own when there are a kazillion sock patterns out there in the world. This simple pair of socks should have taken a couple of weeks to knit but NO, I had to do it my way, and use up literally every inch of my two skeins of Koigu while I was at it, and I'm actually quite proud of myself. They're perfect. The leg is just the right length. I don't understand why I kept reading that two skeins wouldn't be enough. That's a MYTH! Trust me, I don't have tiny feet. I wear size 40/9.5US.

Karma's Toe-Up Ribbed Socks:

The Cast On: 28 stitch Magic Cast On For Toe-Up Socks. This is a truly magical, and yet easy and logical, way to start a sock. I'm in love.

The Stitch Pattern: 2x2 Rib with a stockinette sole. Normally, that much ribbing would make me die of boredom. Thank goodness for Koigu's short bursts of color changes.

The Heel: Wendy's Short Row Heel (.pdf). This is the excruciatingly detailed version of her Generic Toe Up Sock pattern. Because the short rows are double wrapped, there are no holes!

The Bind-Off: EZ's Sewn Bind Off. The first time I heard about this bind off method, it sounded complicated, but really, it's simple, easy to do, stretchy and perfect. Of course it is, it's EZ's.

The Yarn: two skeins of purple Koigu goodness, P426

The Needles: two Addi Turbos, Size US1/2.5mm