Thursday, August 06, 2009

Twirly Skirt

The preschool peanut has been looking forward to wearing this skirt ever since I showed her the pattern and then let her help me pick out the colors. It's such a simple design, definitely easy for a beginner knitter to follow. As soon as she put it on today, she started shimmying and twirling like crazy. Turned a very grumpy day into a happy and sweet one.

Barefoot Knits Twirly Skirt
Cotton Fleece: Cottonball, Pink-A-Boo, Begonia Passion, and Perry's Primrose
Size 4 with size 6 length for room to grow
Raveled here

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lisa's Triumph

Shedir by Jenna Wilson,
Rowan Calmer in #475 Tinkerbell, one ball
US3 needle
Raveled here

So an old friend of mine dropped a bomb on us all when she told us that she has breast cancer. This is a friend that I've known for years; she's the big sis of a friend I made in junior high school. This is a friend that would do anything for you and for whom we are all doing anything we can.

When she asked me to accompany her on a wig fitting appointment, I was beyond honored that she would consider me for that important task! We had fun, trying out wigs of impossible colors and shapes (on purpose, of course) until we found the one! The color is just right and if you didn't know her, you'd think she had a really cute haircut.

She tried on a few hats and scarves, too, but since she hadn't yet started chemo, she had a full head of hair and was having a hard time imagining what it will all look like when it's gone.

But I knew I had to make something for her. You do what you know, and I know how to knit. This hat has eleventy billion cable crosses but with each row I checked off I envisioned taking steps toward her health and the end of her treatment.

I gave my friend her hat last night when she invited me to another appointment she had. Lots of laughs together, lots of love, and lots of strength within our network of friends and family. She started chemo about a week ago and has the most amazing outlook, savoring each day as a gift. I hope this hat will be like a hug on chilly days and give her strength to kick cancer's butt!