Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In spite of my long absence from the blog, I have actually been knitting quite a lot. I finished the Excellent Jacket (it just needs a closure of some kind), knit three Foliage hats for Christmas gifts, three pairs of mittens for Christmas gifts, and am halfway done with my Tilted Duster. I will be posting more pictures and information about all of those projects soon, before I forget all about them, but baby steps, baby steps...


Foliage, Knitty Fall 2007
Malabrigo Worsted, color Vermillion #24, about 2/3 of a skein

We had a white Christmas Day in Seattle! This Foliage is knit for A, my brother's girlfriend. She is a gem. I am so happy for my brother for meeting someone who seems to have it pretty much all together. Here she is posing with her cutie daughter, J, and with the Peanut, who looks less thrilled than she truly was. This was a quick pattern to follow so I made one for each of my two sisters as well, all in different shades of the buttery, delicious Malabrigo. You know I love to try new techniques with each project I make, and this time it was the Magic Loop. I've become quite enamored of the two circular method, and tried Magic Loop out of laziness and curiousity. It worked out quite well!

I am still working feverishly on my National Board Certification portfolio, teaching full time, and -- best of all -- mommying the best girl in the world. I've also somehow found time to restart the Couch to 5K running program (thanks to Rachael's linkage to the Couch to 5K podcast, lifesaver, I'm tellinya). And I'm meeting up with some really sweet friends pretty regularly, thanks to Project Runway! 

I'll post again when I have time. Must go get my socks and shoes on soon... I'm starting week two of the running program tonight.