Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Still Here, Still Alive!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who left congratulations and well wishes! You made me blush. It felt good to finally share the news with everyone, that's for sure! As for how things are going... I'm feeling so well this week, it's amazing. I have more energy, less fatigue. I'm still very food oriented, heh heh.

I've been so busy since my last post, and wishing that things would slow down just a little so I would have more progress to share and the time to share it. Here's a quick synopsis; hope to have a more complete post soon.

-- almost finished with sweaters for my dear friend Lisa, whose twins are were due in January (but came early a week ago). Welcome to Jacob and Sarah! (What's with all my friends and their preemies lately? Are they trying to freak me out? Cause, you know, it's all about me. Heh.)
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-- had the stomach flu over the weekend and gained a whole new perspective of my bathroom floor. Yes, sleeping curled up on the floor as to be nearest the toilet certainly gives us lots of new perspectives. One of them was the wish to DIE!! Oh man. But luckily, I rebounded well and feel 110% better than I did before.

-- am halfway done writing report cards for my students. Remember the good old days? Reading, writing, math, citizenship, penmanship, etc? Well now it's an 11x17" quadriplicate piece of ridiculousness that takes ages to fill out and is next to impossible for parents to understand. Hooray for progress in education.

-- began knitting the Corkscrew Scarf in Kyoto for Favorite Future Sis in Law. Ripped out. Began again. Ripped out. La Durham says there really isn't a need to knit the short row wraps in this pattern, since the garter stitch and the texture of the yarn will hide the wraps, but HELLO, WRAPS! They look like big yarnovers or extra loose stitches between each "wedge" shape, and I'm going to start again when I'm feeling perky and fresh. :)

Image hosted by received this sweet Knitwhits Felted Alpaca Flower Pin kit, called Hana Rose, as part of my birthday gift... from the dear friend who taught me how to knit. Cutie patootie! Looks like something I'll enjoy working on right after Christmas.

Enjoy the tail end of your week and I'll hope to post more soon. Must go button shopping for twin sweaters!!