Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slow Motion Knitting

I finished another Daisy, a cardi for Peanut's buddy, Jack. A very simple baby cardi that would normally have taken me a week or so to knit, depending on how busy I was, took a couple of months to make. Oy! That's life with a baby for you. I finished it just in the nick of time for our baby shower (Jack's mom and I work together and our coworkers threw a party for us this past week). And I forgot to take a picture before I gifted it. D'oh. Anyway, it looks just like my baby's Daisy, but it's a pretty jade shade of Cotton Fleece, with cute white star buttons.

Am I the last person in the world to figure out that Project Runway is really fun? This is the first season I've watched and I like it so much that I went back and Netflixed the first season. Don't tell me how it ends!

Dr. Girlfriend posted a knitting backwards tutorial recently; I've always wanted to try it out because I purl slower than I knit and I think it would be really handy to know how to knit all rows when you're not knitting in the round.

Big Sister just posted her list of unfinished projects. She has 21. I was really proud of her for listing all of them because I also have many WIPs in my knitting basket(s), but don't have the guts to make the list. I think I already have enough self-inflicted guilt! Some days I wish I could go back to pre-mommy time and just have a day to knit and catch up with my projects (plus all the ones I have in my head that I'd like to make), but then I look at my sweet baby girl and no sweater in the world is equal to the time I'm having in my life right now.

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