Monday, February 28, 2005

New Magknits Is Here!

Well, I'm going to have to make one of these t-shirts, because I am a Fitted T-shirt Freak. Yes, with caps. Besides, the designer, Alison Hansel, really knows her stuff, so I'm sure it's a well written pattern.

If I weren't so boobilicious, I'd make Cold Shoulder, too, cause it's super cute and it's by another awesome designer, Stepanie Japel. Alas, me sans brassiere is skay-ree. I fully dig the shaped hemline, though. Maybe I can just make it into a Warm Shoulder? heh heh.

Back to the needles!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

All Quiet on the Knitty Front

Woah. I just looked up and realized I haven't blogged for over a week. I've been busy busy. Mr. Goodkarma and I went to a Valentine's dinner and dance. Aww, mwah! We had a fun time. This was our 7th Valentine's Day together, hard to believe but true.

Last weekend we hung out with lots of different friends. It was a jam packed socializing weekend. I think I might be Lolly's sistah from anothah mothah; never met the gal but I also went bowling last weekend... which is interesting because I go about twice a decade. This time we had a lot of fun -- we went to Leilani Lanes in Greenwood where they were playing loud 80's music the whole time! -- and I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime sooner.

I went to visit this sweetie of Snuggly Anya fame. She lives in Eugene with her mom and dad and I spent a few days with them. We had a great time! Let me tell you, Eugene has great food! Yummy pastries! And I got a facial. Much needed. These are the tips I was given to follow:
1. Stop washing my face with hot water.
2. Stop using cheapo St. Yves scrub. It has SQUARE molecules. Who knew?
3. Stop moisturizing my nose. It's a big ole oil gland and adding moisturizer = black heads. Eww.

I've also been working on Mariah. I even have proof. Here's the back (bunched up on a stitch holder), left front and a sleeve:

And a close-up of the sleeve, just 'cause it looks so groovy:

I'm really enjoying the pattern. It took me a little while to get used to the sleeve's center cabling pattern but now it feels much more rhythmic and natural. And I'm doing this whole project without a cable needle. That's rad. Oops, no one says that anymore. I must've spent too much time at 80's bowling.

Monday, February 14, 2005

New Interweave Knits Hits the Mailbox

Just received the new Spring 05 IWK in the mailbox today. I liked a few patterns, especially this Vintage Pink Cardigan by Norah Gaughan. As I finish up a couple of worsted weight, wooly, casual, sporty projects, I feel like choosing more feminine projects. This is so pretty, like some of the designs that I like from Vintage Knits.

Socks... I want to make socks, and I noticed that Liz was making these Cable Rib Socks, which definitely appeal to me. I haven't made socks yet. I started making Elann's plain toe-up socks for Mr. Goodkarma for Christmas, but didn't get very far and kind of put them aside. I guess I'm a selfish knitter.

Something about this Wear Everywhere Pullover appeals to me, too, and I think it's the fittedness of it and the interesting ribbing. But is it special enough to want to spend a month of my time on? Hm. Maybe! It could be really flattering.

Finally, I'm not sure if I like this Border on the Extravagant jacket or not. Tweed is so "it" right now, and this does fit in with my femmy category. But I'm not a big fan of novelty yarns. And would it look frumpy on me? Hmm. Enquiring minds want to know.

My project list is a mile long as it is!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

So Lucky Together

Lolly just started a Lucky-A-Long. I'm so excited! I bought elann's Baby Cashmere for this a month or two ago, which was smart, 'cause it's all gone now. The KAL starts officially March 1. I wonder if I'll be done with Mariah in time?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Verdict Is In

Had jury duty yesterday. Was supposed to have it for two days (at least), but the case I was called up for was settled out of court. So, since we sat all day long waiting for something to happen, and nothing did, they said we could go home and not come back!

So I'm in a Perry Mason sort of mode. While I was there, I got a good start on Mariah and really was on a roll with the cabled ribbing. At first, I wasn't sure I'd chosen the right yarn. I'm using elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in Chocolate Truffle. Now, I love this yarn, but I thought the dark color (and it's a little bit heathery) would mask the cables too much.

After much deliberation and cross-exam-cable-ation, the verdict is in: the yarn has been deemed not guilty of cable obfuscation of the first degree. I think it's going to be luscious!!

There's one other good thing about going to jury duty. It was in Kent. Which is a suburb that you would never actually want to go to, maybe just pass through. But when I had The Longest Lunch Break Known To Man, I started walking around what they call "downtown Kent" (ha!) and quickly stumbled upon Pastimes, a gorgeous new yarn shop I had been meaning to find, but as I mentioned, no one really goes to Kent. This shop is fabulous. Lots of high end pretty luxurious stuff. Miles of Noro. Fabulously friendly staff. Lots of windows = natural light galore. Wooden cabinets filled with yarn, arranged beautifully. You should go there! At least drool on their website!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Casting-on Mariah

I just cast-on my first Mariah sleeve and Wendy's description of cabling without a needle, complete with wonderful pictures, has been indispensable.

I heart the internet!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Kid on the Block

Guess what?

That's what!

Ribby Cardi is blocking now and boy, oh boy, am I excited to be close to the finish line. The pattern was so well written! The Peruvian Highland Wool handled and blocked so fabulously! Can't wait to see it on.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Butternut Squash and Mushroom Lasagna

Mr. Goodkarma and I had a little dinner party tonight with two other couples. We had a great time! Lots of wine, laughs, and really good eats.

You must try this recipe. Dee-lish!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feliz Cumpleano, Querida Luna!

Yeah! Luna's Haiku is finished and delivered. Today was her 1st birthday, the sweet thing!

Pattern Source: Haiku by Kristi Porter
Yarn: Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon

I loved this pattern. I loved this yarn. The drape, the stitch definition, yum. I'll be making more of these for future bambinis. My only problem was the buttons. It was hard to find something that would go well with this color, even though I was really looking for something whimsical, like Fimo buttons or something cute and child-like. I ended up with Austrian silver buttons that I think look pretty.

Show and Tell

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite Rocks!

I laughed so hard. I cried during Pedro's presidential skit. Gimme some of your tots!


Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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