Wednesday, May 25, 2005

goodkarma go again

Someone asked if I'm a "real Karma" or if "Karma is my stage name". As much as I like the idea of a stage name, I am a real Karma. That's really my name. Usually when someone meets me, they ask one of two questions:

1. Were your parents hippies?

2. Are you Buddhist?

I get these kinds of questions a lot, and it's okay, it comes with the territory. I usually mess with people and tell them that my brother's name is Dharma. (It's not.) Yes, I guess you could say my parents were hippies, or at least very, very young when they had me in 1971. I'm not officially a Buddhist, but am very interested in eastern religions and Buddhism in particular, which might be precipitated by growing up with my given name.

Here's another travel photo. This one is from Amsterdam in 2003. I've been to Amsterdam a few different times and love it more and more each time. It's a really diverse city with a completely different experience for each visitor. I've done the "museum Amsterdam" with a girlfriend, a more "red light Amsterdam" while traveling during my honeymoon, and this last time it was more of a "snapshot Amsterdam" while on a day-long layover on the way home from India. There are bicycles all over the place (parts of the Netherlands are made up of reclaimed land, and are therefore very flat and condusive to bicycling), and flower pots on everyone's doorstep or window.

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