Monday, March 07, 2005

I feel Lucky tonight.

I think I'm suffering from Start-itis.

Ever since the Lucky Along started and everyone began talking about the pattern, showing their pictures, etc., I've been eyeballing those 18 balls of Peacock Baby Cashmere set aside for my own Lucky.

I swatched tonight. The pattern calls for #3 (3mm) needles. My #3 (addi turbo) needles are 3.25mm. So I gave 'em a try. It felt loose and baggy, like the way your fat jeans feel on you after you've lost a bunch of weight. So I switched to my #2 (3mm) addis... so amazing what a difference .25mm made! That felt much better.

Lace pattern? Fun! Baby cashmere? Delicious! It's so soft and yummy, I want to kiss it. I think my husband would give me weird looks though. Ah, what's new?

Here's a scan of my swatchie. Image hosted by
The top part is knit with the better fitting #2 addi. Too bad the scanner doesn't fully appreciate the beautiful color of this yarn. It's more of a dark teal, hence the name (Peacock). That's okay, my digi camera understands my sense of color much better and I'll take photos later as I progress.