Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hey Luuuucy! I'm hoooooome!

Ahhh. What a glorious two weeks of fun in paradise. We spent a week on the big island and a week on Oahu... I enjoyed the big island but WILL be going back to Oahu, again and again. Some highlights:

- trillions of goofy self portraits with amazing backdrops
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- high speed catamaran ride from Waikiki at mid-day = wet and wild fun in the sun

- snorkeling for the first time ever and LOVING it so much that I did it 4-5 times

- seeing fabulous sunrises like this one looking out over Kailua Bay:
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- night hiking down at Volcano National Park to see the lava spurting out into the ocean

- sunset dinner on a sailboat for our 5 year wedding anniversary

- finding out that boogie boarding is not only fantastically fun and exhilarating, but is also an awesome triceps workout

- basically hanging out in places like this every day:

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Remember that Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock I bought to make socks with while travelling? Yeah. I knit about an inch of one sock on the way to Hawaii, and that's it. No kidding. I haven't done any knitting for TWO WEEKS! We were so busy the whole time. Which is good. I did read The Kite Runner (excellent), About a Boy (hilarious), and Talk Before Sleep (don't bother).

Today I got to visit with Fulay at Little Knits -- she was having a sale and I offered to help out a bit -- I got to meet Samantha (I hope to see her again soon!) and bought 10 skeins of Classic Elite Gatsby in this pretty robin's egg blue tweed... yummy... bought it to make the Diagonal Twist Princess Seam Jacket from Loop-D-Loop. Little Knits has the best price on it ANYWHERE (41% off!!) and Fulay prides herself on speedy delivery and spot-on shipping fees. Go check it out!
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Now I feel the need to knit. Good to be home, even though I had 872 Bloglines posts to catch up on... You guys are chatty! :)