Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas, Baby!

After visiting with FOUR sets of parents over two days, I'm wiped out. Note to self: don't get divorced because your future children will have a much easier time during the holidays visiting their parents if they live in the same house. Whew. Yes, both my parents and Mr. Goodkarma's parents are divorced and the moms are remarried. So we do a fair amount of driving around every year at this time. Zzzzzzz.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThese Robeez are easily the best present I got for Christmas and I don't even have a baby yet! Aren't they cute? My mom couldn't help herself and got a little giftie for "the little peanut". Love them!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA close runner up is the gorgeous necklace and earrings that Mr. Goodkarma gave me. What a sweetie. (What a good boy. I showed him the Dabby Reid stuff at Nordstrom and hinted heavily that this sort of jewelry was #1 in my book. So he chose the style and color -- purple -- that he liked best.)

It looks like BIL and FFSIL might make a go of it after all. They have some stuff to work out but he loves her as much as (more than!) we do and doesn't want to throw in the towel just yet. I'm glad. I'm still keeping Corkscrew Kyoto, though. Unfortunately, it's sitting in my mom's living room right now, unfinished. I forgot to take it with me when I left on Christmas Eve... but I'll be over there tomorrow to help her set up the new flatscreen monitor we gave her for Christmas along with the Mac G4 that we passed down. Big improvement over the ancient PC they were chugging along with! :)

In all, it was wonderful to spend the holidays with all of our family members, in-laws, step-siblings, etc. It's a great feeling to know that you're there to spend time with your loved ones, not just to see what's under the tree.

Happy Holidays, everyone!