Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Bad?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo. I'm knitting along on FFSIL's Kyoto Corkscrew and it is becoming increasingly apparent that I'm falling in love with this scarf. The yarn is so rich, it glows, people. Soft. Lux. And at the same time, the following things are happening:

- On Thanksgiving, I realized just how limited FFSIL's domestic abilities are, especially in the kitchen. I like her so much, I overlooked her inability to cook the rice for her three ingredient rice-broccoli-cheese casserole, helped her make it, and vowed to find her a great cookbook for Christmas.

- MIL tells us that FFSIL wants nice white towels for Christmas. Evidently, her domestic abilities also do not reach the laundry room. It seems that FFSIL lets her laundry sit in the washing machine long enough to aquire that lovely mildewy odor, but doesn't quite know why her towels are smelly and disgusting. I start to wonder... if she can't manage to launder her towels, how will she ever take care of this silk-mohair-merino scarf? (shudder)

- BIL tells us he's seriously considering breaking up with FFSIL. Dammit. He's been talking about this with DH for a while. They've been together for a few years, he's growing and changing, she's not, etc. Dammit. I like this girl! She has *Potential*! And, selfishly, if BIL does break up with her, then my own brother's got the only other FSIL around here and I willnot cannot put the extra F in front of FSIL for her. Even typing FSIL about my brother's GF gives me hives. But that's for another post...

Image hosted by

I did find her a great cookbook with full color pictures and very good directions. I also bought some really pretty earrings for her. So. I'm falling in love with Kyoto Corkscrew. FFSIL doesn't know it exists. FFSIL won't know how to take care of it. FFSIL may not even be around for me to see enjoying it! Even DH thinks the color I chose is really perfect for me and he keeps petting it when I'm working on it (while we watch season 3 of 24... DH has a crush on Jack Bauer. Okay, I do, too!). I think the choice is obvious. Am I evil?

Yesterday, DH and I went Christmas shopping downtown together. It was awful. I like shopping alright if I'm by myself or with another human being who has that second X chromosome. He was completely overwhelmed and shellshocked by it all. Not so fun. The best part was when we were at Nordstrom and I showed him some jewelry I liked. I told him that any girl would rather get something more personal/pretty from her fella than knitting books (Did I just blaspheme? Let's leave the knitting books to MIL.) I hope he got the hint; at this point in our marriage I know that it doesn't work to be subtle. I have to spell things out! :) Image hosted by After shopping, we had a cocktail (lemonade for me) and then went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. Loved it! Little Lucy stole the show. Very sweet. Well, except for the bloody war and the stone table scenes. I couldn't believe there were families there with little ones -- preschool, even! There was a girl behind me, maybe 9 years old, who had obviously read the book and was excitedly explaining things to her mom, who was shushing her. Cute.

Also, we ran into my ex-boyfriend's parents yesterday. I haven't seen them in years. Fabulous people, too bad their son is a #$^@&. Fill in whichever word you like, I'm sure it will fit. I was with him for nearly 5 years, so I got to be pretty close with his family. My mom saw them not long before I did, and told them I was pregnant. They were very happy for me, we all hugged, they met Mr. Goodkarma for the first time. I was glad that I'd styled my hair and was looking fly (that's a joke, I mean, I was wearing Maternity Pants, for goodness sake. How fly can you look in those things?), cause I know they went home and told everyone about seeing me. Heh heh.