Saturday, July 28, 2007

What I'm Thinking About

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- Just got a copy of Knitting Nature from the library and am enjoying this book so much. Even the designs that I wouldn't knit for myself are interesting. I love Norah Gaughan's expositions for each project. Thinking about modifying the Turbulance U-Neck to be more fitted, maybe less wide-necked. And re-fitting the Ogee Tunic, too. (Where can I get that necklace?) I love the details on both pieces; the shapes are wrong for me. Remembering that Yai-Ann has already knit several pieces from this book, and they happen to be amazing.

- Getting close to a finished Wren. The whole cardi is seamed up, just about halfway done with the collar (I picked up and knit, like Lolly, rather than knit the collar separately). Wondering how I'm going to secure the ends of this thing. I've never used such a slippery yarn before. I'm usually a big fan of the spit splice with the wooly fibers, but this yarn does NOT fit in that category. Hm. Thinking about getting some sewing thread and stitching the ends down, or ????

- Really wanting to go back to my Rusted Root, especially after seeing Tiennie's (you know this fits her perfectly) and Parikha's (Oh my. Parikha should be a model, no?). Wren is borrowing my US6 needle at the moment, so as soon as I finish that collar, it's back to the RR.

- Needing to finish childproofing the house. Peanut is definitely mobile now and is very curious. Becoming strong willed. Wonder where she gets that?

- Wondering how to end the nursing for good. We're down to twice a day; morning and night. Only now, she thinks it's absolutely hilarious to *pinch* me and laugh. Ouch. Not fun anymore. Any tips from the mamas out there?