Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring, Schming.

No wonder we're a bunch of depressed freaks in this town... From today's weather forecast for the Seattle area:

Since Nov. 1, we've had (count 'em) only 10 days considered mostly sunny. (And four of them were in January where the average temperature of the day was 33 degrees or below.)

I really like the idea of hats but don't wear them very often. This week, I had the sudden urge to knit a beret out of a hank of Mountain Colors Bearfoot that's been languishing in the closet for a while. I have knit myself a few pairs of socks but don't really wear them very often (heresy!), so maybe hats are the way to go?

Any suggestions for cute sock-weight hat/beret patterns? I was thinking of something simple like Grumperina's Periwinkle Beret, maybe, and that's about as far as that thought went.

Also, my friend gave me a lovely ball of Be Sweet African Bead Ball yarn for a belated birthday gift. It's absolutely precious, handmade by women in South Africa; mine's the dark plum purple with multicolor beads shown at the link. I wonder how to use this special yarn to best effect... a loosely knit scarf, maybe? Which stitch patterns use the least amount of yarn? Ball band info = 50g ball is 65 yards. 3 stitches / inch on US 11 needles.

I'm still slogging along on Tangled Yoke cardi. It's good TV knitting!

Come on spring!!!