Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Verdict Is In

Had jury duty yesterday. Was supposed to have it for two days (at least), but the case I was called up for was settled out of court. So, since we sat all day long waiting for something to happen, and nothing did, they said we could go home and not come back!

So I'm in a Perry Mason sort of mode. While I was there, I got a good start on Mariah and really was on a roll with the cabled ribbing. At first, I wasn't sure I'd chosen the right yarn. I'm using elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in Chocolate Truffle. Now, I love this yarn, but I thought the dark color (and it's a little bit heathery) would mask the cables too much.

After much deliberation and cross-exam-cable-ation, the verdict is in: the yarn has been deemed not guilty of cable obfuscation of the first degree. I think it's going to be luscious!!

There's one other good thing about going to jury duty. It was in Kent. Which is a suburb that you would never actually want to go to, maybe just pass through. But when I had The Longest Lunch Break Known To Man, I started walking around what they call "downtown Kent" (ha!) and quickly stumbled upon Pastimes, a gorgeous new yarn shop I had been meaning to find, but as I mentioned, no one really goes to Kent. This shop is fabulous. Lots of high end pretty luxurious stuff. Miles of Noro. Fabulously friendly staff. Lots of windows = natural light galore. Wooden cabinets filled with yarn, arranged beautifully. You should go there! At least drool on their website!