Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cotton Ease and Shizzle

So. Remember when I said, "Yay!" because school was out for summer and I'd be doing 24/7 knitting? Yeah. That hasn't happened yet. I have made a little progress on Aprikot Jacke, but not enough to tell you about.

Here's what has happened:

- Toddler birthday parties are crazy. Crazy.

- Mothers in law get very excited when their daughter in law suggests a day together at the new outlet mall.

- GAP and Ann Taylor have cute stuff.

- Mr. Goodkarma shopped for clothes (!) by himself (!) and didn't only buy the usual uniform of black tshirt and olive shorts!! I was so proud of him I almost had a heart attack.

- Fremont Outdoor Cinema double date is a good idea. Them playing Napoleon Dynamite to a crowd of folks who've obviously seen it before and are laughing/quoting the whole time is hilarious!

- Fledgling stitch n bitch got together at a local coffee shop. Fulay (from Little Knits -- go shop there, she is the coolest business owner/fun friend!) vented about being a tired mom to a toddler and a new baby. When I told her I'm trying to get pregnant she offered to hit me over the head. Then we laughed a lot and I snorted, which is normal for me. :)

- I went to Tuesday Morning for the first time in search of Cotton Ease. Bought 6 skeins of pistachio and 6 skeins of blue popsical. Not sure I'll even use them (I already have 6 skeins of blue popsical!). Would rather trade for other colors, especially Licorice or Vanilla (of course), or a darker teal green that I've seen in the past at a shop but isn't on the website (was I on crack that day?), or Candy Blue or Blueberry. Anyone wanna trade? This picture of blue popsical seems a bit light/bright to me. It's deeper and turquoisier.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

- Oh, and the owl pellet I disected yesterday at my week long science class (see, I wasn't just complaining that my summer hasn't really started yet) was kind of gross.