Thursday, March 16, 2006

Murphy, Lay Off!

Remember when I said I was going to have knitting content soon? Yeah. I'm having one of those Murphy's Law kind of weeks. My car was hit on Tuesday (I wasn't in it)(the guy left a note, thank goodness), so that's one more thing to deal with. Sweet kitty baby Julian is not well. He had bloodwork done on the same day my car was hit (luckily the car is drivable!) and I'm hoping that he will improve. I went to yoga last night and got so relaxed I could have fallen asleep three times! :) But my evenings have been spent with a sad, clingy furball in my lap, so not a whole lot of knitting done.

Notice that Jemima is making steady progress? The sleeves are done. Yay! I cast on the front (tubular, my new best friend) yesterday during a painful budget meeting at work (money + public schools = pain and anguish) and then realized that I forgot something... the sweater as designed is a bit shorter than I wanted and has no waist shaping... it just increases up from the hem to the bustline. I need more of an hourglass shape so I need to figure in some waist decreases from the hip, and then increase to the bust.

So I'll redo that tubular cast-on when I have that all figured out. Should be simple to reconfigure, as long as Murphy's Law doesn't send raining frogs or some other catastrophe to add to this lovely week. :)

One more thing:
Addi Turbos + Rowan Cashsoft = Heaven.