Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Time, Goes By So Slowly, and Time Can Do So Much

Are those the right lyrics? Well, they're a lie. I should have written, "Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives," because my goodness it's already late May and

the baby progress bar just moved to 90%.

Holy cow. I have four weeks to go. That is, if this wiggly little person can stay put that long. Whew.

I'm knitting Trellis for the same wiggly little person and am nearly done with the back. That "left twist" thing threw me for a loop! But after restarting the piece at least 4 times, I've got it down now and barely have to look at the chart. It's a fun pattern, keeps my interest, which is good because I seem to be bored with plain stockinette right now.

Also, did you watch 24? Oh. My. God. Can you believe we have to wait until JANUARY to find out what happens next? The pain! The torture! Oh Jack, can you hold on that long? The sad thing is that he's been a super action hero for the past "24 hours" (riiight... and yet I suspend disbelief more than willingly every single week) and now he's going to go without sleep for another 24 hours, undoubtedly while he's fighting terrorism. (Shut up, Karma, don't ruin it for yourself by thinking about it too much...)