Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blue Ribbon

Thanksgiving dinner was everything you'd hope for, cooked by my mom and my aunt, who always do fabulous things in the kitchen. I contributed something new: sweet potato and sausage gratin with thyme, which my husband said was the best dish of the night. So. Good. This recipe is definitely a keeper; I'm already planning to make it for Christmas dinner at the in-laws'. I also brought the cranberry sauce that I love to make... such a simple recipe but the twist makes it extra good and it always gets raves.

Here we are the next day (Thanksgiving Stuff-A-Thon, 2.0) at my BIL's place... guess who had her first bite of real food (mashed potatoes!)?

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We're snowed in. Second day. Yesterday was spent doing a little knitting but mostly listening to my dear daughter experiment with her vocal chords... her new trick is squealing/shrieking/screaming at the top of her lungs at a very high pitch. Yay!

Today: more knitting. Progress photos soon?