Thursday, February 01, 2007

Color Theories

For years, red was my signature color. I always gravitated toward it when shopping for clothes and felt great when I wore it.

A couple of years ago I realized I was getting compliments when I wore cooler colors, too. I borrowed that classically tacky 1980s book about finding "your colors" from the library and decided that I should start steering toward aquas, blues, purples, etc. Bluer toned colors. I get compliments when I wear purples. I do look good in aqua, too especially in the summertime when I have a tan!

This week, though, I pulled a red turtleneck out of the closet and wore it with my red wool peacoat. My current favorite lipstick (MAC: Fastplay) is a chameleon; on this particular day it also looked red. I got so many compliments! I noticed, too, that the red I was wearing was a bluer red (as opposed to an orange red), so it fit in with the "cool" palette after all.

So here I am with a bunch of different blue yarns, some purples and aquas, and realizing that I'm coming close to committing the sin that I read about in Big Girl Knits this week: getting stuck in a color rut. I need to keep my mind more open when I'm looking at yarn choices instead of immediately grabbing the one color that stands out for me, whether that be red or aqua.

I'm craving a raspberry sweater. Or orchid. Some of those greens are looking pretty good, too...