Thursday, February 08, 2007

IK Spring 2007

Everyone and their brother has posted a link to the IK spring preview, but when the magazine hit my mailbox this afternoon, I was so excited to get it. I *love* the new layout and look. It's very clean and easy to look at.

I've been checking out knitting books from the library lately and want to post some reviews over the next several days, if only to remind myself which features and designs impressed me most.

Finally, thank you for your comments on family and tradition. I can't believe I didn't write a word about reading together. It must simply be an unspoken truth for me; I grew up loving books and started reading at age four. My brother and I spent many afternoons with our mom at the neighborhood library. Many of you also mentioned family dinnertime together. This is already a goodkarmafamily institution. Peanut sits at her high chair when we eat our dinner and she eats then, too. Every night. It's a fun way for the three of us to share bits and pieces of our days with each other.